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So far, the biggest news for us is that Hagi Baby has finally come to life! If you’re familiar with Hagi Cosmetics and have been following our brand, you surely have come across the announcement that the baby care product line will be available “in a little while”. We are aware that this “little while” turned out to be a long one. At some point we started joking that it’s high time we gave birth to this baby of ours. Because the story of Hagi Baby felt a bit like a pregnancy…

At first, exultation, delight, and excitement. We are making baby skin care products, because we have our own babies that we want to take care of in the best way possible. The phase of first trials, searching for the best way to approach the task, and selecting the ingredients, was very intense. More than once, we sat in the laboratory until late at night, trying to create the ideal cream. Then we tested it out on the faces and bums of our little ones and… often it would turn out that we needed to go back to the laboratory and start from scratch. A nauseous feeling appeared, a thought that we can’t be bothered anymore, that something isn’t working. Sometimes we would ditch the project for a few months, just to finally come back to it. This phase took a long time. We didn’t hurry it, because we wanted to dedicate this time to our children – at that point we were already developing Hagi, and, anyway, we were getting more and more busy. We spent a summer working, then another year, then another summer, as Hagi Baby was slowly growing. So passed the first trimester.

Then came the time to finalize the formulas. It became clearer that our scribbles eventually needed to turn into something, and that our tests had to bring satisfactory results. It was also a time of intense dermatological, in-use, physical, chemical and microbiological testing, and of consulting our products with pediatricians. We started designing the packaging, ordering raw materials, inserting the project into an excel table, and inserting our dream into little bottles. In the second trimester, we sped up.

Finally, the time came. In the last phase of preparation for labor, we are completing the layette. We are creating the website, working on the photoshoot, ordering cardboard boxes, bags, set packaging, and finalizing the legal formalities. The most important thing turned out to be the support of our family and friends. Our female team had come up with a plan, and the girls, like the best doulas, sisters, and friends, surrounded Hagi Baby and brought it into the world. We know that it’s just cosmetic products, but for us it is a dream, a long journey, it’s the love with which we approached the task, it’s female energy, joint effort and great happiness that Hagi Baby is finally here! 

We want to thank all of our Friends, Companions, and Clients for their understanding. If your kids are not babies anymore, don’t worry! Hagi Baby is great for toddlers, pre-school, school, and even post-school children, and their Mums.