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We draw our inspiration from nature.
Our products were created in collaboration with specialists: cosmetologists, pediatricians, and chemists.
We are a family business established by a mum and her two daughters.
Cosmetics created by women who are mothers themselves.
We are from Poland.
Care based on plant oils, instead of paraffin oil.
Simple baby care: 5 products is enough.

Hagi Baby - Who you are

The name HAGI comes from the first letters of our names. The company was founded by Hanna - mother, chemist and cosmetologist, together with her daughters: Agata and Gabrysia. Our company started with our fascination with natural ingredients, and began producing cosmetics for adults. This is how Hagi Cosmetics was established.Now is the time for baby care. Since we are mothers ourselves, we created a range of delicate and simple cosmetics for our own kids.

Would you like to learn more? Welcome to Hagi Baby world.


You are happy, you are sleepy,
you are optimistic, you are sad,
you size has changed, your coffee has gone cold,
you are love, you are a Mum.
And we are on your side. You can do it.